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6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast Ideas for Fat Loss!

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast Ideas for Fat Loss: The first meal of the day is the most important for our body’s, especially for the brain . Moreover, we can even improve our mood and energy levels through breakfast. You just have to know how to choose the right foods with nutrients that favor the release of serotonin and also provide us with energy to face the day.

Waking up is a key moment for a human being, however we are not always aware of it. So much so that most of us just get up quickly from bed, get dressed and eat anything before leaving home. Now, after 6 or 8 hours of resting in a fasted state, our body need energy. The brain , for its part, craves an adequate dose of glucose.

“Breakfast is the only meal of the day that I tend to see with the same kind of traditional reverence as most people associate with lunch and dinner”

-Hunter S. Thompson

People have a biological intelligence that we do not always hear. Our obligations and the schedules set by society often go against our circadian rhythms and organic needs. Thus, there is something so interesting and revealing that we should not forget. Our body, and especially our metabolism, appreciates the copious and above all varied breakfasts.

If we limit this first meal of the day to a coffee and cookies, the effects will be evident . Tiredness at mid-morning, lack of attention, lack of motivation, bad mood, binge eating later in the day … So we need to learn how to eat well to live better. Let’s see below how to start the day in the healthiest way with breakfast.

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Keys to improve mood and energy through breakfast

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

A good breakfast will help us regulate our appetite throughout the day. Even more, if we want to lose weight there is nothing better than taking care of this first meal in the morning. In this sense, some studies indicate that  fasting promotes the accumulation of fat in the belly and even slows down our metabolism. 

Maybe you already know this. However, we think of breakfast as a fast meal, a meal on the go and end up grabbing the first thing we see. Some cereals, a juice, a coffee , industrial pastries … We give our brain a high dose of glucose and go to work with an energy that will soon dissipate.

Now to improve our mood and energy levels through breakfast is quite simple . There are two key elements: information and advance. If we know what foods help us, simply always have them at home and ready to consume. 


6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

Including eggs at breakfast is a success. We can do it three or four times a week. They provide energy for the whole morning, and the best thing is: they do not cause peaks of glucose in the blood. They are also ideal for children and the elderly because they nourish on so many levels.

On the other hand, there is an exceptional curiosity in eggs. They are fantastic in helping to improve our memory . Its secret is choline, a nutrient that protects the cerebral nerves and that favors the communication between the neurons.

Natural Greek yogurt

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

If we want to improve our mood and energy through breakfast, nothing better than to include a natural Greek yogurt . Beyond the classic fear of dairy due to its fat component or lactose intolerance, it can be said that the consumption of this particular item is very successful for several reasons.

  • Greek yogurt provides us easily assimilated proteins.
  • They are a natural source of probiotics.
  • The eggs are rich in vitamin B12, essential for brain function.
  • It contains iodine, very necessary for the balance of the thyroid.
  • They have L- tryptophan , ideal to be able to synthesize serotonin.

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6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

Oatmeal is another highly recommended option to improve our mood and give us energy for the day. This cereal is very rich in vitamin B6 and B5, essential nutrients so that we can fight fatigue and deal much better with stress and anxiety.

White tea

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

We are used to include in our breakfasts a coffee, green tea or even the classic orange juice. Let’s go a little further. Let’s try white tea for at least 15 days. Curious as it may be, it is richer in antioxidants than green tea or black tea. In turn, its high catechin content protects our brain from oxidative damage and inflammation.

Its flavor is delicate as well as delicious, it keeps us alert for hours and also improves our mood.


6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

As soon as we wake up, the brain needs only one thing: energy. It is the perfect moment to give us that pleasure, it is the ideal moment to consume chocolate. We can consume an ounce of dark chocolate every day without it damaging our weight or our health.

Simply combine it in our bowl of oats, with fruit …

Fruits of the forest

6 Healthy and Energetic Breakfast for Fat Loss!

Strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, currants, blackberries … All of these fruits besides being tasty are incredibly healthy . Thanks to them we can improve our mood and energy through breakfast, we can enjoy them and also create fun recipes for adults and children.

To conclude, if we want to improve our mood and energy levels with breakfast, we have to be aware of the importance of eating healthier.  Try and choose organic products and give yourselves a little more time in the mornings. Sometimes a good breakfast can change everything …

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