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How To Grow Your Beard? Also Remove Patches!

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

How To Grow Your Beard? Would you like to know how to have a more dense beard? Although some men prefer to trim their facial hair daily, more and more people decide to follow the current trend of wearing a long, leafy beard with a disheveled appearance. However, although beard is very fashionable to enhance masculinity, sometimes facial hair does not grow with sufficient density and may be patchy on some areas of the face.

Although the lack of growth of facial hair can be determined by causes such as genetics, the use of overly aggressive facial products or some testosterone problems, there are some tricks that can remedy this aesthetic problem. Do you want to know them? Keep reading this article of Health Poppy and discover how to have more dense beard with a series of techniques, tips and tricks that will make you look a lot thicker and thicker facial hair.

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1. Avoid Trimming The Beard

How To Grow Patchy Beard

Although it sounds a little obvious, one of the tricks on how to grow a beard is to let it grow. We know that in some occasions, the facial hair can go through irregular growth phases where more hair grows in some places of the face than in others. However, although during these stages may be areas with a lot of hair and other somewhat patchy, it will be essential that you avoid cutting the beard so that it is evenly spread across the face. If you follow this advice and let your beard grow to maximum for at least a month, areas that looked bald will begin to be covered.

In addition to areas that are more dense than others, there may be another discomfort: itching. To reduce these symptoms, it is recommended that you use products such as conditioner and specific oils for the beard, as it will help soothe itching and prevent other problems such as dryness.

2. Use Supplements For A More Dense Beard

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

Among the most effective products to grow the beard are biotin supplements . Although there is no evidence to demonstrate these stimulant properties, many doctors say that biotin strengthens the structure of hair keratin, which makes it stronger and thicker. So if you wonder how to have a more Dense beard, daily use of this vitamin may be your answer.

You can buy this vitamin either by using food supplements such as capsules or by including in your diet foods rich in this nutrient such as meats, eggs, blue fish, strawberries and nuts among many others.


3. Improve Your Daily Habits

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

Although we are not aware, our lifestyle often directly influences the health of our facial hair. Therefore, another of the techniques that you should keep in mind when you ask yourself how to have more beard is to adopt some of the following healthy habits :

  • Follow a balanced diet: some nutrients such as proteins, vitamins A and B and some minerals such as zinc and iron favor hair growth, so it is important that we include them in our diet.
  • Stay hydrated: drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will also influence the growth of your beard, since hydration will help facial hair grow healthier and more resistant.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day: you may not see the relationship at first sight, but you should know that lack of sleep can make facial hair grow weaker and brittle.
  • Do exercise every day: the practice of a sport favors the blood circulation of your body, which will consequently cause the hair on your beard to become stronger.
  • Reduces stress: very high levels of stress and / or anxiety can cause hormonal disorders that, in the long run, could dramatically accelerate hair loss. To avoid anxiety and stress, one of the best solutions is to practice relaxing activities such as yoga or pilates.

4. Take Care Of Your Facial Hair Daily

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

Another trick to have more beard is to maintain a proper daily facial hygiene . To keep your beard clean, hydrated and maintained, we recommend that you take the following steps daily:

  1. Wash your beard: the first step you will have to do every day is to wash your beard. However, it is important that you do not do it with any bath gel; use a specific shampoo for beards to guarantee your hair a deep cleaning without producing any type of irritation on the skin of the face.
  2. Use of conditioner: As in the previous case, the use of a special conditioner for facial hair is essential. This product will help both moisturize and soften the hair and eliminate dandruff if it has occurred.
  3. Finish the daily cleaning with a specific oil for beards: this product will give an extra hydration and softness to the hair of your beard. In addition, it will be very useful to reduce the itching that appear during the growth of facial hair.

In addition to these steps, it is important that at least once a week exfoliate your face to eliminate the accumulation of dead cells that clog the pores of the skin and, consequently, prevent the hair from growing naturally. To do this, you can buy an exfoliate from a pharmacy or cosmetic store or you can make it yourself with some of our recipes.

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5. Use Home Remedies To Grow The Beard

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

In addition to the products to grow the beard that we have mentioned in the previous sections, there are also some natural remedies that will help you achieve your goal :

  • Cinnamon and lemon lotion for the beard: on the one hand, cinnamon is rich in group B vitamins, which gives it excellent properties that stimulate hair growth. On the other hand, lemon is a great remedy both to cleanse the face and to eliminate conditions such as dandruff. To prepare this solution, mix 2 tablespoons of lemon with one of cinnamon and apply the mixture making a circular massage on the face . Let the ointment work for 25 minutes and remove the remedy with plenty of warm water.
  • Onion juice for a more dense beard: this vegetable is rich in both acids and flavonoids, which gives it properties that strengthen facial hair. You only have to squeeze an onion and apply its juice in the most patchy areas of your face. Let the mixture work throughout the night.
  • Eucalyptus oil to grow the beard: this remedy is rich in essential oils, so that the eucalyptus has properties that stimulate the growth of a healthier hair . You just have to pour a few drops on the beard and perform a circular massage so that the oil penetrates well. Then let it work for 15 minutes and remove it with plenty of warm water.

If you want to grow your beard at home , the selection of tips and tricks that we propose in this article can be very useful.


6. Beard Graft

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

Just as there are hair grafts in other parts of the body, there are many men who bet on grafts and beard transplants . This process is very popular among men who want safe gains, because although the complete results of the intervention take some time to be seen, it is a very effective and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that usually does not present any type of problem.

The incredible advances of the technologies used for these techniques have made this process a very successful intervention for men who want to see a thicker beard in a matter of months.

7. Dyes To Grow The Beard

How To Grow Your Beard And Remove Patches

If you thought that the dyes were only for men with gray hair, you are very wrong. Have gray hair or not, dyes can be a great option if you wonder how to have more beard, because these products not only manage to match the colors and shades of your facial hair, but they bring more volume .

However, if you are thinking about growing your beard with dyes, remember that you must choose the color well. Do not bet on an extremely dark tone if it does not agree with the color of your natural hair; the key is to find a dye with a shade similar to that of your beard so that it gives volume without appearing artificial.

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